When should I turn my fan on?

BINcast helps by providing you with the predicted equilibrium moisture content (EMC) for your bin for the next 5 days.

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BINcast® Summary

BINcast® is a weather-based advisory for improving grain drying and conditioning in “ventilation only” grain storage systems. It is driven by site-specific weather forecasts and tailored to any location.
Choose your grain for drying and BINcast® provides a 5-day hourly forecast of your bins equilibrium moisture content (EMC). EMC is the moisture content of the grain when exposed to air with a certain temperature and relative humidity. Fans should be turned on when air temperature and relative humidity are favourable for drying grain and will not add moisture back into the grain. This ensures the quality of the grain and for safe storage. Each grain has its own EMC and BINcast® predicts the EMC based on the forecasted temperature and relative humidity. The model then colour-codes the grains equilibrium moisture content to indicate when the fan should be turned on. In the case of BINcast®, dark green signifies the best optimal time for running the fans.

when to turn on the fan?

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